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PS5 PS4 & Xbox Wall Mount – Horizontal

Borangame PS5 PS4 & Xbox Wall Mount – Horizontal PlayStation Wall Shelf w/ 2 Controller Holders & Headphone Hanger – For PlayStation4 First Series/Slim/Pro & Xbox One X/One S/One/360


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Is There Not Enough Space For Your PS5 PS4 Or Xbox?

Declutter your living room and desk and create more space for your Xbox and PS4 with the help of this metal Xbox wall mount by Borangame!

This premium PlayStation wall mount (34x37x15cm) has been specially designed for all PS4 and Xbox models, including:

• PlayStation5 digital

• PlayStation5 Disk

• PlayStation4 First Series

• PlayStation4 Slim

• PlayStation4 Pro

• Xbox One X

• Xbox One S

• Xbox One

• Xbox 360

Thanks to this Xbox One wall mount, your space will be organized and your console will be safe from your kids, pets, and liquids.

This PS5 Wall Mount Will Ensure The Longevity Of Your PS5 And Xbox!

Our unique horizontal Xbox wall shelf has a powerful built-in cooling fan that you can activate with the help of a USB cable.

When your PS5 or Xbox console starts getting warm, activate the cooling fan and it will keep your console at the right temperature!

There’s A Special Spot For All Of Your PS5 Or Xbox Accessories!

The Xbox wall mount shelf will not only hold the PS4/Xbox console, but also the controllers and your headphones.

More specifically, the Xbox One wall shelf has two easily accessible controller holders and a sturdy headphone hanging hook.

On the back side, there is also a hole that can fit all the cables of your console. Everything will be neat and organized!

Get The PS5 Horizontal Wall Mount Today – You Won’t Regret It!

And why would you? The PlayStation wall mount shelf will keep your PS5 or Xbox safe and your interior décor intact!

And trust us – the metal Xbox wall mount is so sturdy and strong that it will never fail to keep your expensive console safe!

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HORIZONTAL HOLDER FOR YOUR PS5 AND XBOX: Do you want to save space and keep your expensive PS4 or Xbox safe from your kids, pets and liquids? This is the only horizontal PlayStation wall mount on the market, and it will hold your console, controllers and headphones without ruining your interior décor.

SUITABLE FOR ALL PS AND XBOX MODELS: Which PlayStation or Xbox model you own? This metal PS4 wall mount is compatible with all PS5 PS4 models (PlayStation4 First Series, Slim and Pro) and all Xbox versions (Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Xbox One, and Xbox 360). The dimensions of the Xbox One wall mount are 34x37x15 cm, so it will fit these consoles perfectly!

THE MOST PRACTICAL AND NEAT DESIGN: The horizontal Xbox 360 wall mount has a shelf for the gaming console, two specially designed holders for your controllers, and a sturdy hook where you can hang your headphones. Thanks to its smart design, the PlayStation 4 wall mount will keep your Xbox and PS4 consoles organized and easily accessible!

INCREDIBLY STURDY AND DURABLE WALL MOUNT: Borangame’s horizontal wall mount for PS is made with solid iron, so it is unbelievably durable and it can withstand the weight of your PS and Xbox without any problem! The package includes 3 metal screws and assembly instructions to help you install the Xbox 1 wall mount and make it sturdy and secure for your expensive consoles.

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